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Cloudlift allows the companies to be always in contact with their technicians and to organize them in the best way possible. It is important to mark the fact that the Cloudlift App, downloadable and installable directly on smartphones, can work both in ON LINE mode (connected to the server and exchanging data in real time) and in OFF LINE mode, allowing the technician to work on a call/maintenance form even when there is a poor Internet coverage. This way of working has allowed to realize a system extremely reliable, scalable and usable in every condition.


Cloudlift follows every step of the intervention request process: from emergency calls to periodic maintenance, with notifications to the technicians in real time through the help of “push” technology. From the moment the call is sent and to its closing, every movement is tracked down and shared with the accurate reporting process of the activities carried out by both the internal and the external staff. Cloudlift current version is the result of the experience gained on mobile devices since 2009, thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the realization of extremely flexible and scalable solutions.


• Control and reduction of intervention requests management times;

• Possibility of reducing the intervention times in emergency situations, thanks to the GPS technology;

• Real time control of all the interventions planned for a specific system;

• Sharing of the information about the systems and recording of all the interventions;

Cost Savings

• Shortening of management times;

• Reduction of telephone traffic costs to manage calls and to allow the exchange of information between technicians and company;

• Reduction of the daily average mileage of the vehicles used;

• Better organization of the personnel operating time (accountability of collaborators);

• Saving time about the insertion of new data in managing the software used for the invoicing process;

• Use of standard devices with advanced functions at low costs;

• No structural investment in hardware (servers and terminals);


• Data conservation inside safe and redundant servers;

• Access to the systems data through accurate safety policies;

• Possibility of launching an alert to localize the technicians in case of necessity;

• PPE management (Personal Protective Equipment);

Flexibility and Scalability

• Integration with the management software already in use;

• Flexible configuration depending on the company organizational chart (supervisor - responsible - technicians);

• Possibility of assigning the interventions from a technician to another at any time;

• Possibility of using common Android smart phones without any limitation about their model;

• Possibility of operating on the web platform with all browsers and from any workstation connected to Internet (tablets included);

• No minimum limit of active PDAs;

• System monitoring by Gloservice 24h with phone technical support;

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Cloudlift together with the mobile App allows the systems census through the use of QR Code or NFC technologies. 

Every system is associated with a QR Code or a NFC tag which collects and synchronizes every executed and to be executed activity on technician’s PDA, so as to have a complete data history of the system, easily accessible and updatable.

Therefore, simply by making the PDA camera read the QR Code, it is possible to interact with the Cloudlift system database both in passive (consultation) and in active mode (insertion of executed activities) as well as scheduling future interventions on a specific system.

QR Code ascensori di Mobilelift che interagisce con Cloudlift


DPI ascensori

The P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment) tracking system in the Cloudlift mobile version allows the company that adopts this information system to operate on the safety level of its staff by two specific actions: one is about the staff itself and the other is related to every single system.

Every person of the staff, at the moment of their first daily access to the App, must confirm to have the P.P.E. at their disposal by means of a customizable messaging function.

The technicians will be also informed by the App about every kind of danger they could find on every system they are supposed to intervene on and will be instructed on what kind of P.P.E. they would need in order to proceed with the maintenance or technical assistance intervention.

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